I know that this post is going to be out of my acustommed subjects but I’ve been struggling with google for several hours since I found a valid solution. As I don’t want you to waste all the time I wasted finding this issue, I decided to share this piece of “wisdom” with all of you.

Maybe, suddenly, your external usb hard disk has become write protected and you’re not able to change any file or add anything to your beloved external hard drive. If you try to go to the properties of your hard drive and try to add total control permissions you will get the “disk is write protected message” again and again.

Well, the solution to this headache:

1 – Go to Start > Run and Type CMD

2 – Then type DiskPart

3 – Now you type list volume. This will list all your hard drives. Look at the volume number of the one which is driving you crazy and remember it.

4 – Type select volume followed by the volume number you were retaining into your memory.

5 – Finally, type attributes disk clear readonly and this should do the trick!